In the course of creating the Brand Aware Media logo, I went through many iterations and tangents. This is one of them, which builds on the concept of branding as if it were a branding iron.

Branded BAM

I designed the Wake Gauge Packaging to be eye catching on the front and instructional on the back. I was given a page of text to copy over, but decided to cut out 90% of the words and replace them with new boat and product illustrations. I think the result is quite effective, and the illustrations were carried over to the web site and other company materials.  

package front back

I created custom lock screen image for my iPhone that caught a lot of attention. *This image may be used freely.

I combined these two images together to create the cracked battery above. The battery, of course, comes from Apple, Inc. The cracked-glass image came from a Google Images search. My apologies for not being able to cite the source.

This is a concept animated logo I created for a web site called, which I hope to develop some day.